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Asperger’s and autism treatment in Dallas and Ft Worth is what we do! Asperger syndrome is distinguished from other varieties of autism by its outstanding verbal language abilities and intellectual ability.

  • Difficulty in social relations is a common symptom of Asperger syndrome.
  • Interests that are restricted
  • Desire for similarity
  • Strengths that are unique

How is Asperger’s Syndrome identified?

The way psychiatrists diagnose autism has evolved, and the phrase “Asperger’s syndrome” is no longer used by doctors and therapists. Instead, all children with autism, even those with milder forms such as Asperger’s syndrome, are now labeled with ASD.

At their 18-month and 24-month doctor visits, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises that all children be evaluated for autism.

Behavioral tests are used by doctors and psychologists to make diagnoses. Parents are also asked to report any uncommon habits their child exhibits, such as not smiling or babbling, not making eye contact, or not responding to his name.

Autism is different for everyone

Autism is a spectrum. This means everybody with autism is different.
Some autistic people need little or no support. Others may need help from a parent or career every day.

Autism and vaccines

There is no conclusive scientific proof that any component of a vaccination, or any combination of immunizations, causes autism to yet. There’s also no evidence that any of the materials used to create or store vaccines causes autism. This is in response to concerns that the vaccine preservative Thimerosal is to blame for autism.

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