Autism Concerns for Keller, TX Families

Parents in Keller, TX often contact us to look for local resources and to see if their child might have autism. So when should a parent be concerned?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a syndrome that affects the neurological system and can hinder speech and interaction. The fact that it isn’t terminal typically makes it one of the most distressing diagnosis. Many parents fear their autistic kid will be bullied or treated differently. They fear it will rob them of a rich and fulfilling existence.

Many parents don’t realize that every ASD diagnosis is unique to each child. No two autistic children will ever display the same symptoms or require the same degree of assistance. In fact, growing evidence shows that some kids outgrow their diagnoses. While there is no cure for ASD, treatment has helped children not just cope but also thrive.

Many diagnosis are possible by age 2. Early indicators of a disease include delayed milestones, although not always:

  • Abhorrence of being held
  • Little to no eye contact
  • Anger or reluctance to change
  • No interest in others (children or caretakers)
  • No reaction to noises, voices, or names
  • Smiling at 6 months, motions like pointing or waving by 12 months, and one-word speech by 16 months, and two-word speaking by 24 months.
  • Regression of mastered talents
  • Words, phrases, or actions
    longing for solitude

Autism symptoms

Some of the more prevalent indicators of autism include:

  • Refusing to look
  • Speech and communication delays
  • Routines and rules
  • Getting irritated about tiny adjustments
  • Sight, touch, and scent sensations that aren’t expected
  • Inability to comprehend others’ feelings
  • Obsession with a limited range of interests or items
  • repeated motions such as hand flapping or rocking
  • 12 month olds not responding to their names
  • 14 month olds not pointing at faraway things

Autism Resources in Fort Keller, TX

Families of Effective Autism Treatment
FEAT-NT services directly impact those living with autism NOW and help to meet their needs today right here in our own communities. FEAT-NT is a non-profit organization of parents and concerned professionals dedicated to providing education, advocacy, and support for individuals with autism and their families. FEAT-NT has an Autism Resource Center and Library that provides valuable research, training and support regarding autism interventions and services.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Council of Tarrant County
IDD Council of Tarrant County serves as a community coalition of providers, public officials, families and self-advocates who have come together to increase opportunities for people with IDD. The organizatoin seeks to bring inclusion and awareness of IDD through community events and education.

Ability Connection
Ability Connection is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to enrich the lives of people with disabilities, one person at a time. The organization believes a disability is a naturally occurring part of life, not a defining characteristic. It provides each individual with unique support and training through world-class services. Ability Connection’s services include: residential facilities, community supports through Medicaid waiver programs, training centers with tiered level of support, group activities, and field trips. Its goal is to socialize members with their peers and in their community leading to more enriched lives.

The Arc of DFW Area empowers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families to live life as they define it through advocacy, awareness, training and support. The Arc of DFW area provides referrals to community resources, information on how to navigate the special education process, and government agencies.  


Next Steps for Keller, TX Families

Pine Cone Therapies, LLC is a leading provider of early intervention Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and speech therapy. Our clinicians are devoted to helping children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We have practiced in Dallas-Fort Worth for over a decade and have expanded to Houston.

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