Curious about Autism Signs (& Symptoms) for your child in Dallas, TX?

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What are autism symptoms most commonly observed?

The age of autism diagnosis and the severity of early indications varies. Some babies exhibit signs early on. Others show habits as late as 2 or 3.

Most children we see at Pine Cone Therapies have additional traits. Among them include:

  • Language delays
  • slowed-motion talents
  • Cognitive or learning delays
  • arousal, impulsivity, or inattentiveness
  • Epilepsy (seizures)
  • Odd dietary and sleeping patterns
  • GI problems (e.g., constipation)
  • Unusual moods or emotions
  • Worry, tension, or anxiety

Notably, children with ASD may not exhibit all or some of the behaviors described above. No child with autism has all the symptoms. Many non-autistic children display a few. That’s why expert assessment is vital.

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The signs below may suggest your child has autism. If your child shows any of the following symptoms, contact us today.

6 months

Few or no huge smiles or other warm, pleasant, and enthralling

No eye contact

9 month

No or little exchange of noises, smiles, or other facial expressions

12 months

No babbling

Little or no pointing, exhibiting, reaching, or waving

Does not answer to name

16 months

No or few words

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