Autism Signs (& Symptoms) info for your Missouri City, TX child 

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Early Autism Signs

Early developmental abnormalities in social and linguistic abilities are common in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Less visible distinctions in the development of body movements, pretend play, and social language sometimes go unrecognized. Families may notice variations in their child’s interactions with peers and others, in addition to speech/language impairments.

Autism symptoms: Getting your child started in treatment

Children with autism can have several sensory difficulties. Sounds, lights, touch, tastes, odors and pain are examples of over- or under-sensitive stimuli. Autism is linked to increased prevalence of various physical and mental illnesses.

Autism affects both verbal and nonverbal communication in children and adults. They may not comprehend or use:

Voice (around a third of people with autism are nonverbal)
Voice tone
Non-literal expressions

Other societal issues include:
Emotions and intentions of others
Making a point
Looking for emotional support
Social anxiety
Taking turns in conversation (appropriate distance between people)

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