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At Pine Cone Therapies, we offer practical interventions geared to help children with autism in Central Texas. Autism is a lifelong condition. Behavioral interventions or therapies aid both children and adults with autism by teaching new skills and reducing fundamental symptoms. Autism is a spectrum disorder. As a result, each patient’s treatment regimen is unique. It is best to start early so that the benefits of therapy last a lifetime.

Treatments include the whole family and possibly a professional team. Treatment may be tailored to meet your child’s individual needs as they grow.

Adolescents benefit from transition services that foster independence and self-sufficiency. Then the focus shifts to job prospects and skill development.

Autism Basics

The symptoms of autism (ASD) often fade as a child grows older. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) parents may need to be flexible in their treatment plans.

While people with ASD can live normal lives, they generally require ongoing assistance and support as they age. The needs vary depending on the symptoms. Most people will need lifetime help.

ABA therapy attempts to modify and encourage certain behaviors, particularly in autistic children. It is not a cure for ASD, but it can help individuals improve and develop an array of skills.

This form of therapy is rooted in behaviorist theories. This assumes that reinforcement can increase or decrease the chance of a behavior happening when a similar set of circumstances occurs again in the future.

ABA tends to use positive reinforcement. This is a reward system wherein a child will receive an item or privilege that they enjoy when they demonstrate the desired behavior.

In previous decades, if the child did not produce the desired behavior, they would face physical punishment. However, this is rarer now. Instead, the child may receive punishment by not getting the reward if they do not display the desired behavior or skill.

This theory assumes that the child will choose to demonstrate the desired behavior so that they can receive the reward.

Dallas, TX Autism Therapy Locations

We have 3 autism therapy locations to serve you. Our Southlake and Keller locations are in between Fort Worth and Dallas. Our Missouri City locations, including our transitional school, Pine Cone Prep Academy, is in the South West area of Houston, TX.

Our Southlake, TX Location (serving Fort Worth/Dallas)

Our Keller, TX Location (serving Fort Worth/Dallas)

Our Missouri City, TX Location (serving Houston)

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