Getting Started with Autism Therapy in Dallas, TX

Autism treatment and intervention must be tailored to each child’s strengths and relative weaknesses.

Many persons with autism also suffer sleep issues, seizures, and GI issues. Taking care of these issues can help with focus, learning, and behavior. Other skills like feeding or self-care can be learned through therapy.

Each autism intervention or treatment strategy should be customized to the individual. Your treatment strategy may involve behavioral interventions, other therapies, or medications.

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What is Autism Therapy (ABA Therapy)?

ABA therapy uses several approaches to understand and change behavior. ABA is adaptable to each individual’s needs. Positive reinforcement is a common ABA strategy. A person is more likely to continue a behavior if it is rewarded. This promotes beneficial habit modification.

First, the therapist sets a goal. The person is rewarded for successfully using the behavior or skill. Praise, a toy or book, a film, access to a playground or other area are examples of significant rewards.

Positive reinforcement encourages further practice. This leads to lasting habit change.

ABA Basics

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises researching therapy before your child is officially diagnosed with autism. Formal diagnosis takes time, tests, and specialized follow-ups.

ABA is a science focused to studying and improving human behavior. ABA is unique in its focus, objective, and methodology. Behavior analysts define target behaviors, which are important social behaviors.
In order to demonstrate a reliable association between the intervention and behavior improvement, behavior analysts intervene. After a successful intervention, data collection continues. Behavior analysts plan for generalization and maintenance to ensure the behavior persists over time and environments. To provide a consistent methodology, behavior analysts often train staff and caregivers.

Dallas, TX Autism Therapy Locations

We have 3 autism therapy locations to serve you. Our Southlake and Keller locations are in between Fort Worth and Dallas. Our Missouri City locations, including our transitional school, Pine Cone Prep Academy, is in the South West area of Houston, TX.

Our Southlake, TX Location (serving Fort Worth/Dallas)

Our Keller, TX Location (serving Fort Worth/Dallas)

Our Missouri City, TX Location (serving Houston)

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