Autism Therapy for Houston, TX Families

When should you start worrying about your child’s autism?
While ASD is thought to be a condition of early brain development, the behavioral indications of autism appear between the ages of 1 and 12 and 3.

How Common is Autism (ASD)?

According to the latest CDC research, ASD affects roughly 1 in 54 children, with boys being more susceptible than girls. In 2017, the US had over 5 million adults with ASD, or 2.21 percent of the population. According to government data, ASD prevalence has climbed from 10% to 17% in recent years.

What Causes Autism?

ASD has no obvious cause. Research supports genetic and environmental causes. Only 10%-20% of instances have hereditary origins. These include ASD-associated genetic disorders and uncommon genetic alterations.

Premature delivery, low birth weight and maternal use of valproic acid or thalidomide during pregnancy are all risk factors. This is an active research field.

ABA Methodology for Autism Therapy

ABA works by methodically identifying environmental variables that influence social behavior and constructing a functionally relevant methodology to program for behavior change. ABA also emphasizes skill development. An analyst can teach a new functionally linked alternative behavior to replace an inappropriate issue behavior or academic, self-care, physical, social, and other abilities.

After a successful intervention, data collection continues. Behavior analysts plan for generalization and maintenance to ensure the behavior persists over time and environments. To provide a consistent methodology, behavior analysts often train staff and caregivers.

Houston, TX Autism Therapy Locations

We have 3 autism therapy locations to serve you. Our Southlake and Keller locations are in between Fort Worth and Dallas. Our Missouri City locations, including our transitional school, Pine Cone Prep Academy, is in the South West area of Houston, TX.

Our Southlake, TX Location (serving Fort Worth/Dallas)

Our Keller, TX Location (serving Fort Worth/Dallas)

Our Missouri City, TX Location (serving Houston)

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