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Looking for an autism therapy provider in Keller, TX? ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, is a behavioral management approach that is based on science. ABA therapy can bring about significant, measurable change by utilizing basic principles of behavior, special techniques and positive reinforcement.

ABA has been proven to improve attention, focus, social skills and memory, as well as decrease behaviors such as noncompliance, aggression, self-harm. ABA is a way to shape and mold actions for effective communication and learning.

ABA Therapy for Autism Treatment

ABA stands for “applied behavior analysis.” Behavior analysis focuses on the principles that explain how learning takes place. Positive reinforcement is one such principle. ABA therapy uses psychological techniques that concentrate on certain behaviors. Learning and practicing improved communication skills gives a participant the chance to interact with those around them. Providing adaptive learning and social skills is also important for the participant’s overall well-being.

Autism Therapy Session Components

ABA is a scientific field that helps people achieve meaningful goals and create significant life improvements. You should be familiar with certain aspects of each ABA session. These are:

Every session, your child’s behavior therapist will select materials (toys, life skills, etc.) that will be used during the session. Of course, your child may be presented additional items during the session that weren’t planned, but the behavior therapist tries to have everything ready so your child can focus on their treatment goals.

Data Gathering

ABA therapists collect data on your child’s progress to track progress and make adjustments as needed.

Matching Games (sometimes referred to as rapport building).
The behavior therapist and your child will play or do something that your youngster enjoys. This helps your child form positive relationships with their therapist and motivates them to attend appointments.
Preference tests
The behavior therapist will try to figure out what item or activity will entice your child to participate in treatment chores. These preferences can be utilized to reward good conduct and participation in learning programs.
Programs usually refer to specific techniques for achieving treatment goals. Your child’s therapist will work with them to develop new abilities.

Autism Therapy (ABA) in Keller, TX

Our Autism therapy providers in Keller, TX are credentialed as board-certified behavior analysts (BCBA’s) or registered behavioral technicians (RBT’s).

Our ABA treatment professionals use ABA to implement change in our program participants. Generally, this consists of breaking down activities into smaller pieces in order to tackle larger goals.

We utilize applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, tailored specifically to the unique needs, behavior, and personality of your child.

Our ABA services in Keller, TX can help your child:

  • Decrease anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Build language and communication skills
  • Improve relationships
  • Increase social acceptance
  • Increase desire to participate in social interactions
  • Improve social skills

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