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We assist families with BCBA services in Missouri City, TX. We have a team of board-certified behavior analysts (BCBA’s) what work with children on the autism spectrum. We can help your child right away. Give us a call or fill out our contact form today!

BCBA Communication

Constant communication with your child’s BCBA is an important aspect of the child’s or patient’s therapy, whether it’s one-on-one contact with parents, communication with other members of the behavior analysis team, or speaking with the school or other medical experts. The BCBA may even visit the patient at home or accompany them on a clinic appointment to keep an eye on him or her while he or she is in another location. In addition, there is consistent communication on the patient’s progress or particular requirements. Even when the BCBA is not with the patient, he or she is in constant communication with or available to other professionals who may be dealing with the patient at the time.

Individualized Care

Every kid is unique, and the BCBA approaches each child or client as an individual. Because each patient learns in a different way, a treatment that works effectively for one client may be ineffective for another. They each have difficulties that need to be addressed and treated. The BCBA prepares a personalized treatment plan based on the client’s specific difficulties and learning ability after conducting extensive study and working one-on-one with the patient and his or her family. The behavior analyst spends a significant amount of time monitoring and working with the patient to determine the most successful therapy for that particular patient based on reaction and behavior.

Medications for Autism

Some of the behavioral symptoms of ASD, such as irritability, aggressiveness, and self-injurious conduct, can be alleviated with pharmaceutical therapies. Other therapies, such as ABA, may be more successful if interfering or disruptive behaviors are medically reduced. A trained physician should prescribe and manage medications.

Risperidone is the first drug licensed by the Food and Drug Administration to treat symptoms of ASD in children and adolescents, such as aggressive conduct, purposeful self-injury, and temper tantrums.

The FDA has also authorized aripriprazole for the treatment of irritability in children and adolescents with ASD. In a 2009 research published in Pediatrics, 52 percent of individuals receiving aripiprazole (in the form of Abilify®) had a 25 percent or higher reduction in autism-related irritability symptoms by week 8, compared to 14 percent of those on the placebo.


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