Social Stories for Social Situations

Social stories help children learn how to respond and what to expect in social situations. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder have difficulty knowing what to expect and how to respond in many social settings. Even though there are many variables in social situations, social stories help provide a basic foundation for what to expect and how to respond. Social stories can be purchased online or can often be found for free online. Social stories can also be easily created. It

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How to help your children’s school performance

Today it seems as if everyone, including young children, are plugged in. Playing games, using educational apps, watching YouTube videos, thumbing through social media—screen time is a part of our culture. And while technology has become a critical tool in our lives, it has also been linked to emotional and health risks, including the tendency to sit instead of being physically active, sleeping problems, social isolation, and bullying. There will be focus throughout this year on mastering letters, sounds, and

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