Children’s Behavior Therapy in Houston, TX

Pine Cone Therapies, LLC is a leading provider of early intervention Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and speech therapy. Our clinicians are devoted to helping children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We have practiced in Dallas-Fort Worth for over a decade and have expanded to Houston.

Childhood mental, emotional, and behavioral illnesses can lead to long-term issues affecting children, families, and communities. Early treatment of a child’s mental health issues can benefit them at home, school, and in their friendships. It can also aid with healthy adult development.

A healthy approach to children’s mental health involves promoting mental health for all children, preventing risky behaviors, and treating diagnosed illnesses. Psychological counseling is important for mental wellness. Depending on the severity of the condition, children’s psychological treatment may be combined with medicine. 

Introduction to treatment

Psychological treatment helps children and adolescents control their symptoms so they may function successfully at home, school, and in their society.

When children are young, parents often participate in treatment. Working with the child’s entire family or other significant adults is one sort of treatment (for example, a teacher).

In parent-focused techniques, parents discuss their child’s behavior and feelings with the therapist. Talking, playing, or other activities can help youngsters communicate their feelings and thoughts. Therapists may also watch parents and children interacting and recommend alternative reactions.

Autism Therapy Provider in Houston, TX

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Autism Facts for Child Behavioral Therapy

Autistic people may:

  • find it hard to communicate and interact with other people
  • find it hard to understand how other people think or feel
  • find things like bright lights or loud noises overwhelming, stressful or uncomfortable
  • get anxious or upset about unfamiliar situations and social events
  • take longer to understand information
  • do or think the same things over and over

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