ABA Therapy in Ft Worth, TX

We are the top ABA therapy provider in the Ft Worth, TX area. ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, is behavioral management approach that is based on science. ABA therapy can bring about significant, measurable change by utilizing basic principles of behavior, special techniques and positive reinforcement.

ABA has been proven to improve attention, focus, social skills and memory, as well as decrease behaviors such as noncompliance, aggression, self-harm. ABA is a way to shape and mold actions for effective communication and learning.

ABA Therapy can help you support your child

ABA Therapy can help your child learn to cope and master new skills if they have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or have developmental difficulties that affect how they respond to circumstances. This family-centered therapy aims to assist youngsters in becoming more self-reliant and achieving milestones.

Autism Therapy Goals

The goal of ABA is to “extinguish” undesired behaviors while teaching desired behaviors and abilities. For instance, ABA could be used to reduce tantrums and outbursts, as well as to teach a child to sit quietly, use words to make requests, and wait their turn on the playground.

Simple and sophisticated skills can be taught using ABA. ABA can be used to reward a youngster for brushing his teeth properly or sharing a toy with a buddy, for example.

To improve and teach new behaviors, ABA requires the use of known learning principles, behavioral methods, and contextual changes. In practice, implementation must be systematic so that teachers can discover how to change behavior and comprehend how learning took place.

ABA’s ultimate purpose is to establish and improve socially significant behaviors. Academic, social, communication, and daily living abilities are examples of such behaviors; essentially, any skill that improves an individual’s independence and/or quality of life.

Autism Therapy (ABA) in Ft Worth

Our Autism therapy our ABA providers in Ft Worth, TX and Dallas, TX are credentialed as board-certified behavior analysts (BCBA’s) or registered behavioral technicians (RBT’s).

Our ABA treatment professionals use ABA to implement change in our program participants. Generally, this consists of breaking down activities into smaller pieces in order to tackle larger goals.

We utilize applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, tailored specifically to the unique needs, behavior, and personality of your child.

Our services in Fort Worth, TX can help your child:

  • Build language and communication skills
  • Develop social  skills
  • Increase flexibility and tolerance for changes in routines
  • Decrease or even eliminate anger, meltdowns, eating issues, and other problematic behaviors
  • Prepare for and succeed in school

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