Phonological Disorder treatment in Dallas, TX

Pine Cone Therapies offers speech and language therapy for a broad scope of disorders. Our speech therapy may be in one-to-one and small group sessions. All speech services are based on formal and informal assessment and close input from clients and parents. Data collection is taken each session and reviewed monthly with the client and/or parent.

Our speech-language pathologists hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and are licensed by the State of Texas. The Speech Therapy Assistants (STA) are licensed to practice under the supervision of the SLP.

Should I get Phonological Disorder Treatment Now or Wait?

Because developmental speech milestones are only fairly reliable, it might be tempting to imagine that your youngster will “grow out of” a phonological issue. In reality, early intervention can prevent phonological disorders from deteriorating, and there is no harm in seeking treatment early. A basic speech assessment can detect the kind and degree of a phonological issue. If your kid has a phonological issue, professional speech therapy is required, and a trained SLP will build a customized treatment plan for your child.

Among the causes of phonological problems are:

  • Hearing loss due to ear infections
  • Psychiatric disorders (ex. Cerebral palsy)
  • Disabilities (ex. Autism)
  • SYNDROMES G (ex. Down syndrome)

Causes of Phonological Disorders

Phonological disorders can be caused by a number of factors. Below is a partial list of factors that can cause phonological disorders and cause the need for a speech language pathologist (SLP):

  • Developmental disabilities (ex. Autism)
  • Genetic syndromes (ex. Down syndrome)
  • Hearing loss, which can include hearing loss from ear infections
  • Neurological disabilities (ex. Cerebral palsy)

Phonological Disorder: Next Steps

Phonological Disorder treatment for young children works best when begun early. If you suspect your child may have autism or need phonological disorder treatment, please fill out the contact form below today to get started with Pine Cone Therapies.

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