Pine Cone Therapies offers speech and language therapy for a broad scope of disorders. Our speech therapy may be in one-to-one and small group sessions. 

Speech therapy sessions are typically 30 minutes in duration and recommended two to three times a week. Duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disorder, the age of the client, and associated physical, emotional, and social factors.

Our speech-language pathologists hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and are licensed by the State of Texas. The Speech Therapy Assistants (STA) are licensed to practice under the supervision of the SLP.

Phonological Disorder Treatment Basics

A phonological disorder is an articulation issue in which a child has issues with producing sound patterns. A youngster may, for example, change all “b” sounds to “p” sounds. So “ball” becomes “pall” and “cab” becomes “cap”. Phonological processes are specific mistake patterns like the one above.

While certain phonological processes are acceptable for young children, these mistake patterns are intended to go away. Parents, other children, and educators may struggle to comprehend your kid if they misuse certain sound mistake patterns.

Disruptions of Organic Speech

Apraxia of speech and dysarthria are examples of organic speech sound impairments caused by motor/neurological diseases, structural defects (cleft lip/palate and other structural defects), and sensory/perceptual disorders (e.g., hearing impairment).

Functional speech sound problems encompass both motor and verbal components of speech output. Historically, these are known as articulation and phonological problems. Individual speech sound distortions and substitutions are the focus of articulation disorders. Phonological diseases are faults that influence several sounds (e.g., fronting, halting, and final consonant deletion). Many academics and clinicians prefer the wider term “speech sound disorder” when referring to speech problems of unknown etiology.

Getting Started with Phonological Disorder Treatment in Fort Worth, TX

Phonological Disorder treatment for young children works best when begun early. If you suspect your child may have autism or need phonological disorder treatment, please fill out the contact form below today to get started with Pine Cone Therapies.

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