Pine Cone Therapies offers speech and language therapy for a broad scope of disorders, including phonological disorder. Our speech therapy may be in one-to-one and small group sessions. 

The first step to effective phonological disorder intervention is an individual, in-depth assessment of speech and cognitive-linguistic skills. The speech and language assessment is conducted by the certified speech-language pathologist. Assessment procedures are chosen based on an individual’s age and the nature of their disorder. 

Assessments are usually completed in a 1 to 4 hour span of time. Upon completion of testing, a diagnosis is formulated and a comprehensive report is written. The results of the assessment are discussed with the patient and/or parent and their referring physician. The patient and the therapist collaborate to develop an Individualized Plan of Care.

Does My Child Have Phonological Disorder?

Phonological disorder is a condition develops when a toddler reaches a specific age and still makes certain vocal mistakes, or when the child has difficulty pronouncing words.

Here are some questions to consider if you believe your child has phonological disorder:

  • Can others understand the youngster?
  • Do people think your child is younger because of speech problems?
  • Does your child’s vocabulary match others of their developmental age?
  • Is the youngster frustrated when communicating?
  • Is your youngster omitting, substituting, or modifying sounds?
  • Is your youngster having trouble reading or spelling?

Are Phonological Disorder Curable?

Phonological disorders are curable. Treatment can help your child academically and socially. At Pine Cone Therapies, we are experts are developing strategies to treat phonological abnormalities and articulation issues that is based on sound acquisition.

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How Common Are Phonological Disorder?

Around 10% of preschoolers have phonological issues (National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, 1994).

In fact, research shows that children with phonological processing abnormalities often experience language difficulties. This may imply a problem with their overall linguistic system.

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