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School Consultation

Whether your child needs individual assistance in the classroom to be successful or the classroom could benefit from a comprehensive approach to meeting his needs, Pine Cone Therapies provides many resources.

Shadowing and classroom restructure are just a few.

Pine Cone Therapies is committed to working in a cooperative and professional manner with your school district. Our practice will never be viewed as adversarial with a school district; instead, we will offer a complementary asset to their programs.

Bobbye Records developed a comprehensive approach to assisting the school district and the individual child. Services have been provided locally and across the state.

CLASSROOMS THAT WORK!™ arrives with the solution as educators and therapists struggle to develop multiple-methodology learning environments.

This innovative, hands-on approach provides an answer to the very real dilemma of integrating valid and research-based methods into the classrooms for students with autism spectrum disorders and severe disabilities. Our approach successfully merges Applied Behavioral Analysis, Verbal Behavior, TEACCH Method, Social Stories, Picture Exchange Communication Systems™, Sign Language, and Sensory Integration. Teachers are provided tools and skills to develop unique daily schedules, easily collect data, and choreograph the students, staff, and activities.

Students will thrive and make genuine improvement in cognitive, communication, and behavioral skills when teachers are trained and certified to provide CLASSROOMS THAT WORK!™

  • Build classrooms that work!
  • Lay the groundwork for success!
  • Understand the students’ hallmark needs!
  • Make a difference!
  • Insure student achievement!
  • Celebrate teaching!
  • Document triumphs!