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We are the #1 social skills therapy provider for kids on the autism spectrum (ASD) in Missouri City, TX. Many kids with ASD need help in learning how to act in different types of social situations. Often times, the desire to interact with others is present, however the skills needed to interact are not. Our social skills therapy groups for kids with ASD are dedicated to developing skills that can help enhance participation in a group, build friendships and support overall happiness.


At Pine Cone Therapies, we focus on helping kids with ASD learn and practice activities that promote cooperation and partnerships, foster self-awareness and self-esteem. If you have any questions about our program give us a call today at (346) 368-4412.

Social Skills Building and ABA

Our ABA social skills class in Missouri City, TX breaks down specific complex social skills. These skills can include taking turns, conversation, sharing, understanding facial expressions, tone of voice, joining a group, working with others towards a common goal, and more. Our small class sizes allows for the development of friendships and teach skills necessary for the inclusion into classrooms and communities.


A comprehensive curriculum based on key elements of teaching social skills to students with ASD includes:


  • School readiness skills (e.g., attending, waiting, transitioning, complying, following group instructions, raising hand, etc.)
  • Giving and receiving items from peers
  • Following peers’ directions
  • Tolerating toys being shared
  • Requesting items from peers
  • Imitating simple and complex actions of peers (both from close up and from a distance)
  • Taking turns with toys and simple games
  • Imitating peer play
  • Reciprocating greetings with peers

Missouri City, TX ABA Professionals

If you are looking for social skills practice taught by ABA professionals in Missouri City, TX you’ve found the right place. Treatment is based in the natural environment and is carried out by our trained, exceptional registered behavior therapists (RBT’s) and supervised by our board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs).


ABA services can be helpful for anyone who experiences one or more of the following issues:


  • Deficits in language skills
  • Difficulty carrying on a conversation
  • Demonstrated self stimulatory behavior (flapping, rocking, scripting television shows)
  • Requires extra help in academic skills
  • Exhibits moderate problem behaviors (screaming, non-compliance)
  • Has severe problem behaviors (aggression, self-injury, property destruction)
  • Limited social skills (lack of interest in peers, trouble making friends)
  • Limited daily living skills (dressing, eating, toileting)

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