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Speech Language Pathology: Top Treatment for Autism

Even as early as the late 1970s and early 1980s, autism therapy was being reorganized to include multi-disciplinary treatment teams working in a range of expertise areas. SLPs become more active in ASD treatment and research. According to an Autism Speaks survey, speech therapy is now the second most effective treatment for ASD individuals.

Speech Language Pathologists Treating Patients with Autism

Speech Language Pathologists dealing with autism spectrum patients employ much of the same diagnostic and treatment strategies as other patients. It also prepares them to recognize and solve difficulties that hinder speech output and language learning in persons on the spectrum.

That doesn’t mean the disorder’s distinctive social communication issues and repetitive behaviors don’t provide extra obstacles. Applied behavior analysis, for example, is often used to treat ASD.

Autism Basics and SLP’s

The autism spectrum spans from low-functioning to high-functioning, and so do SLPs’ techniques…

In low-functioning autism, significant feeding/swallowing and motor speaking problems require physical therapy measures.
With higher-functioning patients, SLPs may utilize multimodal AAC tools, such as speech generators or tablet-based communication displays.

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