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What does a Speech and Language Pathologist do with an autistic child?

The SLP’s job in dealing with children with ASD is to assess their speech, language, and communication abilities and provide treatments to help them improve:
• Language abilities (also known as receptive/comprehension and expressive skills)

• Communication skills (requesting, commenting, conversational skills)

• Language skills – social use of language

• Reading abilities – decoding words and reading with understanding

• Ability to write for many purposes including tempo, rhythm, and speaking style

• Sign language, voice-output devices like GoTalk or iPad/iPhone with Proloquo2go


What are some indicators a child needs an Speech Language Pathologist?

The youngster may show indicators of needing services including:
• Unknown individuals (babysitter, daycare provider, teacher, family, etc.) do not understand the youngster.

• Aspects of grammar anticipated at their chronological age (e.g. pronouns – I, you, he/she, we/they) are not used by the youngster.

• The child is not utilizing language to seek items, attention, help/assistance, answer yes/no questions, ask and answer inquiries (who, what, where, and when), or to converse.

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