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Speech Language Pathologist Role with Autism Therapy

The Speech Language Pathologist’s (SLP’s) plays an important role in working with patients with autism. Autism Spectrum Condition (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects around 1% of the world’s population. According to the CDC, roughly 1 in every 68 children in the US has ASD.

Social communication difficulties, both verbal and nonverbal, are a significant diagnostic criterion used to identify those youngsters and the illness itself. Language learning and usage might be difficult in ASD individuals. ASD is frequently associated with co-morbid conditions and illnesses, such as:

  • ASD (Attention Deficit
  • Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Anxiety/depression

These difficulties alone often contribute to speech and language deficiencies. Communication challenges linked with autism add to the difficulty for both patients and practitioners.

Does My Child Need Speech Language Pathology in Missouri City?

Some experts believe that half of all ASD youngsters are nonverbal before therapy. Another study indicated that nearly 64% of children with ASD also had apraxia, an uncommon speech disability. All of this adds up to people with Autism Spectrum Disorder having a high demand for SLP services.

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