Will speech therapy help my Fort Worth, TX child?

The effectiveness of speech therapy varies by problem and age group. When you begin speech treatment might affect the outcome.

Speech therapy for young children works best when begun early. If you suspect your child may have autism or need speech therapy, please fill out the contact form below today to get started with Pine Cone Therapies.

Speech problems influence how a person forms words. Some vocal abnormalities are also verbal issues.

What causes the need for speech therapy?

Sound is normally processed by both sides of the brain, giving the brain more chance to digest the information – the music. Some experts believe that children with autism have right-brained, or Gestalt learning styles, especially kinesthetic learners who benefit from movement, which music therapy promotes.

Speech therapy for autism may include three techniques: play, teaching, modeling, and prompting.

Language Therapy
Language intervention promotes youngsters to speak and learn new words. This approach is used by youngsters through play, role-playing, and storytelling.

OT Oral Motor
That’s why it’s called mouth treatment ORMT may utilize massage, sound and facial form attention, and novel textures. It’s especially effective when children’s speaking issues stem from physical issues rather than lack of competence.

Music, videos and audio recordings are used in articulation therapy. The therapist can show the youngster suitable tongue and mouth postures and sounds to emulate.

Mixing Methods
One approach may be replaced by another as a youngster masters one. In order to teach pointing, the therapist may gradually eliminate verbal signals such “use your words”. 

The youngster can still use the mastered approach after this phase. When appropriate, speech therapy for autism can incorporate all or any of the mastered tactics.

Pine Cone Therapies and your Fort Worth, TX child

Pine Cone Therapies, LLC is a leading provider of early intervention Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and speech therapy. Our clinicians are devoted to helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We have practiced in Dallas-Fort Worth for over a decade.

Whether you or your loved one experiences communication or behavior difficulties, you will find the help you are seeking with the Pine Cone Therapies team.

We offer:

  • Full-Time Early Intervention Programs for Children starting at 18 months.
  • Center-Based Treatment Plans Designed Around Your Child’s Needs
  • After school sessions available. Autism, speech, communication, and/or behavior challenges create big obstacles for our loved ones and friends, but help is available. 
  • Our talented staff provides caring, compassionate, and individualized therapies.

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