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The effectiveness of speech therapy varies by problem and age group. When you begin speech treatment might affect the outcome.

Speech therapy for young children works best when begun early. If you suspect your child may have autism or need speech therapy, please fill out the contact form below today to get started with Pine Cone Therapies.

Speech therapy with children with autism in Houston, TX

Some autistic children require speech therapy for various reasons. The National Institutes of Health estimates that 25-50 percent of children with ASD are nonverbal or have difficulty interacting with others.

Speech therapy treats more than simply communication issues. Helps fine motor and cognitive skills. This is because, according to the ASA, “parent participation is crucial in your child’s communication development.”

These exercises may help your youngster with:

  • Feeding issues
  • Muscle weakness in the mouth
  • Problems with word meaning and usage
  • Inability to make eye contact or communicate nonverbally
  • Inability to socialize

What is Speech Therapy

Speech and language therapy is one of the interventions available to children at Pine Cone Therapies who have difficulty communicating or swallowing. The goal of speech and language therapy is to improve communication. However, communication and speech issues vary from individual to person. Among the issues are:

Social communication: how well we grasp and implement conventions like turn-taking, or how close we stand to people when chatting, or how we communicate to others based on their closeness.
Language: How well we utilize the correct words and understand what we hear and read.
Speech Sounds: How well we pronounce and make sounds.
Can we create sounds? How do we sound? Is it hoarse?
How proficient do we speak? Do we speak smoothly or stutter?
Do we chew, suck, and swallow food and liquids well?

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