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Looking for a speech therapy provider in Southlake, TX? We can help! Speech therapies include addressing receptive and expressive language skills, pragmatics, social-cognitive skills, cognitive-play skills, speech intelligibility, fluency. Our top-rated speech therapist works with children primarily that have an autism spectrum (ASD) diagnosis.

If your child has a diagnosis that is associated with developmental language delays including ASD we can help. Please give us a call today at 817-442-9022.

Looking for Speech Therapy in Southlake, TX

Speech therapy in Southlake, TX is what we do! Our speech therapist provides quality individualized speech therapy services to children of all ages. We work with children and their parents to evaluate the child’s needs and to provide comprehensive speech and language treatments.

The benefits of speech therapy includes ensuring children express their wants and needs (verbally and nonverbally), helping them understand words and directions, and making them more easily understood by others.

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy treatment includes the assessment and improvement of articulation, fluency, delayed language development, auditory and language processing disorders, and more. For some children with severe speech impairment, speech therapy will consist of learning methods of Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC). The use of AAC requires plenty of practice to perfect and communicate effectively.

Alternative communication methods can include sign language, speech output devices or Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS). Give us a call today to discuss how speech therapy may benefit your child.

Primer Southlake, TX Speech Therapy Provider

Our speech therapy providers in Southlake, TX are trained to help your child overcome their speech-related issues. At Pine Cone, our speech-language pathologist works collaboratively with other disciplines such as applied behavioral analysis to ensure the generalization of skills and that our program participants reach their full potential.

Our speech therapists work on early language, literacy, appropriate play, articulation (speech), social communication, augmentative and alternative communication. We offer one-on-one speech therapy in the clinic setting.

Southlake, TX Speech-Language Pathologist

If your child has been diagnosed with autism and needs speech therapy in Southlake, TX you’ve found the right place. At Pine Cone, our pediatric speech-language pathologist works to help children communicate effectively by assisting with the improvement of their speech and language skills, as well as feeding and swallowing.

We have the expertise to evaluate articulation, fluency, oral motor coordination, feeding, and receptive/expressive/pragmatic language skills. Based on our professional assessment, we will develop a specialized treatment plan to help your child overcome their speech and feeding deficits. Treatment approaches and goals are determined based on relevant scientific evidence, parent/caregiver input and the individual’s specific strengths and weaknesses. 

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We have speech therapy available in Southlake, Keller, and Missouri City. Our transitional school, Pine Cone Prep Academy is in Missouri City. If you have any questions or inquiries please feel free to contact us.

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